Terarosa Coffee – in the land of many options

Brunch is great. Pour-over coffee is great. Unfortunately in Seoul you can generally only have one or the other at the same place – if you have brunch, you will have to survive a stale Americano. Generally, yes, but not at Terarosa Coffee (테라로사 커피).

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I leave the food evaluation to other people. But I was stunned by the many options this place has for pour-over coffee (menu as of late October 2016):


After ordering, I was a bit surprised to see that, even though there was no rush (I had gladly accepted to ‘wait for 15 minutes’), and I had chosen one of the more expensive options, the barista relied a lot on intuition rather than tools. (I am aware that this is a divisive issue, but I – maybe due to a lack of experience/intuition – prefer the slightly scientific approach to coffee).


Terarosa is home to an army of V60s and the barista was of course keeping a close eye on water temperature, setup and exact timing. But then (at least in my case) the coffee was not pre-infused in the filter and also there was no scale to be spotted anywhere to make sure that the coffee-water-ratio is right:


To me, the Geisha from Honduras (El Puente) felt a little bit watery and not sufficiently infused, but maybe I was just overly excited to finally get to try it. I really enjoyed the brew regardless, but I am quite certain that this particular roast has even more potential. I shall come back and try again.

Oh and yes, they do non-purist coffee, too (with milk and foam and all), which makes it even easier to go with not-so-purist friends. It seems, at Terarosa you can have it (almost) all:


Have you been to Terarosa? Which coffee did you enjoy most?

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