Devastate – Process-obsessed minimalists

Time to explore a relatively new member in the ever aggresively expanding Seoul coffee scene: Devastate in Cheongdam.

Naver maps link: Devastate
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The neighborhood sees more turnover in restaurants, bars and coffeeshops than even most Naver blogs can keep up with. Hence it makes sense that this place is put up as a minimalist coffee shop design gem:


Now to the most important thing:

I went for the Kenya Kiandu AA Top, and was blown away by probably the most sophisticated preparation of coffee I could thus far witness in Korea:

Every single part, including the AltoAir from BairroAlto (very fancy holder for the filters, they promise more consistent results – but as always it probably  depends more on the barista, click HERE for an interesting review) got a shower of hot water to make sure coffee really arrives in the cup warm. Also here one of the few times in Korea that every aspect from ground beans to water was precisely measured, and even the coffee was tasted before it got poured – very thorough.

Result: excellent, full (very full) body coffee, with a great amount of acidity. Only down-side: coffee automatically comes in a take-away cup; but at least its pretty:

I really appreciate and admire the time and precision the barista took for every single cup of coffee she made, no matter if it was a flat white, pour-over iced coffee or whatever it was. I’ll be back!

Oh, and they also have a nice semi and full outdoor space:


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