Cafe Inside – an unpretentious gem

Well-aware that my late explorations have been Gangnam-heavy, here is a real small gem. Not a big name (yet, as far as I am aware): Café Inside.

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This place is by far not huge, but has plenty of space, and also a row of seats directly by the coffee bar – first row for the hand-dripped show!


The menu is long and houses plenty of options for pour-over:

I felt like some Ethiopian coffee, and followed the recommendation of the gentleman running the show: Yirgacheffe Chelba (very popular bean that even Starbucks [yikes] offered at some point, for some more bean-data, see LINK). He knows his deal, that much is clear. Depending on the coffee, equipment seems to be chosen. In my case it’s a Chemex kind of bean (it seems).


Beans (that were roasted in-house, see equipment right in the store) are weighed carefully, filters and carafe pre-warmed, all is timed and closely monitored. Just as it should be. And overseen by pure seniority – what could go wrong?


Nothing went wrong. Result: an excellent pour-over coffee. Light acidity and lemon notes, refreshing even ! It is always interesting to see how entirely different coffee shop concepts (here: cosy, family atmosphere, low key; vs. a place like Devastate: minimalist, high-end, strict) yield equally great products. But, one thing they have in common: Attention to detail and process, no matter how much experience the baristas have. Café Inside will see me again, soon!

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