Stereoscope Coffee – LA drip coffee excellence 

An unbelievable third hit in this area, who would have thought! I got lucky through a combination of Yelp and Foursquare: Stereoscope Coffee in Buena Park.

Google maps:

Surrounded by Korean restaurants and even a Jimjilbang, this almost felt like Seoul – a great start! Stereoscope roasts its beans in-house on-site, and they boast a selection of 4 different roasts (when I visited end of November 2016):


I was advised to try the Gigesa from Ethiopia (here more details on this South central Ethiopian bean: Coffee Hunter).  Between the 3 stores I have visited in the area thus far, here they for better or worse follow the way that we have also seen in Korea many times: a lot of intuition (beans had been pre-weighed, but no scales for water and also no timer).  But, of course experience can compensate!


The result was one of the most floral pour-overs I have had in a long time, what a great cup of coffee. I think the key to success here was – apart from beans and roasting – patience. Unlike in the other shops around here, there was no hurry to get my cup poured in a minute, which doesn’t make sense and keeps away the best flavors. Here at Stereoscope Coffee, the barista took time and intuition this grind deserved.

A great pour – definitely my favorite in the East LA region.

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