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Update October 2019: Peer Coffee has moved away, new location:서울특별시 성동구 광나루로4가길 24

Original review from November 2016:

Right in the middle of the hipster triangle below Itaewon-daero (South East of Cheil), technically part of Hannam-dong, Peer Coffee is set in an excellent location.

Naver maps link: Peer Coffee
Google maps:

Peer Coffee is very small, but has a few seats inside and outside (if it doesn’t snow or rain….). Right across the street they also opened a small dessert place, which is nice, but that’s beyond this blog.

The staff here is friendly, the menu (for pour-over coffee) is compact and changing based on availability. They usually only have a small number of beans, which is totally fine; I personally much prefer a small number of fresh beans to 15 options where the baristas can’t keep up with all the changes:

I went for the Brazilian Planalto, mostly because I had overdosed on Ethiopia a bit lately (if that’s possible at all).

At Peer Coffee there is no joking around with precision: everything is weighed, measured and timed, pre-heated and executed very accurately.

The resulting coffee was indeed very smooth, almost chocolaty. Not my absolute favorite taste, but a very well made pour-over in terms of “production”.

I have become a big fan of Peer Coffee and will happily come back soon – and likely also stick to my Ethiopian habit.

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