Coffee Tour – worth a small detour

Up in Northern Seoul there are a few pour-over spots worth exploring, today’s candidate: Coffee Tour.

Naver maps link: Coffee Tour

Google maps:

Roasting in-house has a huge benefit: it gives an amazing, welcoming smell to everybody entering the cafe; well done. Coffee Tour is a nicely sized coffee shop that has a wide range of coffees and teas, including cold brew, espresso, nitro, and, the reason we’re here, pour-over coffee.

The menu houses single origin coffees as well as a blend at the time of our visit  (end of November 2016):

As far as preparation goes, it was the frequently spotted “intuitive approach. Pre-flushing and -warming, but no scales or timers at any point. Interesting: they have timers and scales all ready, but don’t use them. For my pour infusion time seemed on the short end, too.

As a result, it was surprising how much body the coffee had. A nice smoky note and even some caramel; very surprising, but experience (or training) can go a long way.

If you’re in the area, Coffee Tour is worth checking out.They are not big on precision, but the end-product was very satisfying.

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