Terarosa Gangneun – a legend, giving way to quantity over quality

Terarosa is one of the oldest coffee shops in the Gangneun area – now with several shops around. We visited their beach side property: Coffee Forest by Terarosa.

Naver maps link: Terarosa (Sachon)

Google maps:

The place is nothing short of a monument to coffee. It’s beautifully designed, and can sit hundreds of people inside and outside – at our visit lines were long, but the place was nowhere near full.

Of course, coffee options go all the way and there are plenty of beans to choose from for pour over:

I chose the La Esperenza born Guatemalan and zoomed in to take a look at how things are down here in this flagship coffee shop.

Turns out, same as at Bohemian it seems more about throughput than about individual coffee experience – unfortunately no surprise. The baristas make 3 to 4 hand drips at once, and there are no scales or timers (at least I didn’t see any); but most of all it is once again a ‘great flood’ that meets the beans rather than slow dripping. The drippers are filled and kept at high water levels – and also, again, I have to witness many poor drops of water being poured down the walls of the drippers..

The result was an average cup of coffee that was mostly saved by a great piece of cheese cake. Once again, it felt thin (maybe because total infusion time was below 1.5 minutes).

I would’ve hoped for a bit more precision in order to truly match the tradition this chain has and the ambition it sets through its landmark building.

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