월화수목금토일 카페 Bundang – nice music, unimpressive coffee preparation 

In the satellite city of Bundang, just a quick bus or subway ride from Seoul, we followed a Korean blog recommendation and visited 월화수목금토일 카페.

Naver maps link: 월화수목금토일 카페

Google maps: 

The store is a very relaxing hangout with plenty of seats, inviting to stay for a while. At first sight the collection of coffee cups reminded us of the likes of Terarosa. The coffee menu as follows:

Good selection it seems; to ensure a little consistency I chose the Yirgachefe option that promised fruit and flower as it should. The preparation was not at all what I would’ve expected in this otherwise very thought through cafe.

No scale. No timer. Brown filters that weren’t flushed. Beans that weren’t pre-infused. All the water went in in two large pours. Done after not even 2 minutes. Hard to say anything nice about this. Any good outcome would be sheer luck.

The result was a below average cup of coffee, that didn’t really show any typical Ethiopian notes, but instead felt like beans had left the roaster quite a while ago. Very sad. But the music was very nice.

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