Orang Orang – minimalist photo stop in HBC

Finding Orang Orang (오랑오랑) already feels like an achievement. Located on the edge of HBC in a small side street of a market nobody will accidentally drop in on the way to a Tous Les Jours. And that’s a good thing. Highly recommend Naver maps to get there!

Naver maps link: Orang Orang

Google maps:

The place has a 2nd floor too, accessible via some very hip stairs (some call it post industrial, others plain concrete).

True minimalism in the sense of non-existence of any wall paint, accompanied by a few things to sit on. But it does look nice.

Now to the important things:

I went for the (surprise, surprise) Kochere option. Preparation of the coffee was as minimalist as the outfit of the place. Whereas components were pre-heated, there were no tools used at all to ensure a somewhat consistent experience. No scales, no timers. The dripping itself was also on the rushed side, but within bounds.

The end product was tasty, and brought the expected fruit and flower notes, along with cacao – very nice! A great cup; experience shines through!

All in all, the place seems to live a bit more from it looking very hip (to the very present photo taking crowd) than from deep dedication to hand drip coffee. But it’s worth checking out – and please mind your steps on the narrow stairs.

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