Stay with Coffee Jeju – stay for a while, a long while

Another day on Jeju, another cafe on the list: Stay with Coffee.

Naver maps link: Stay with coffee (스테이위드커피)

Google maps:

The place is right by the water on the south-west of the island with a great view. 

Also, the moment you enter the place you sense that the owners take coffee seriously: a full coffee menu with plenty of options to choose from, beans being sorted in the cafe, and a lot of oddly charming coffee equipment around.

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The preparation was a mix of intuition and tools, but the fact that both baristas were following the exact same steps in parallel without even looking at each other speaks for itself – they know what they’re doing. The one thing that I would object to though is that they didn’t flush the brown paper filters which taste-wise is really not ideal. Also, no scale for the water – also not ideal.

As a result the Ethiopian coffee as well as the Guatemalan we tried were fairly light, but the flowery and caramel flavors respectively were still palpable.

Altogether, Stay with Coffee offers a sound package for coffee fans that also value a view and a nice location, and can easily be recommended by us.

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  1. This was an incredible spot to visit and the coffee was delicious! Thank you for writing about this place! I can’t wait to take some of their coffee home with me 🤤

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