LGA Coffee Gangnam – a lot of space, to sit and to grow

It was about time to visit one of the remaining bug cafes on coffee hill in central Gangnam: LGA Coffee.

Naver maps link: LGA (엘가)

Google maps:

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Just a few steps up the road from Alver they are in a tough spot, but seem equally optimistic – at least looking at the huge amount of seats.

The coffee menu is good, but only 3 beans were actually available (Kenya, Sumatra and Guatemala):

I am not sure what it is, but I haven’t seen a barista in a while that’s fully utilizing the tools available. Also at LGA no scale or timer anywhere near. Also, once again, and also this is a trend lately, brown / unbleached paper filters that aren’t rinsed before the coffee grinds are put in place. The pouring itself was relatively patient and no ‘all at once’ kind of play. The coffee also had enough time to actually properly react with the water.

The result was a very full bodied coffee, but not as acidic as this Kenyan promised to be based on the board with tasting notes they put up.

All in all a good place for decent coffee, but there is still room to ensure more consistency (and minimize the paper taste risk).

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