Blue Bottle Coffee Bryant Park – solid, but nothing unique (anymore)

I stumbled into Blue Bottle right by Bryant Park pretty early in the morning – slightly jetlagged and definitely in need for caffeine.

Google maps:

The menu for hand-drip options is compact and had 3 roasts to choose from:

Very unlike in Korea, there was an obvious level of discomfort/scepticism with me taking pictures in the store – but they’ll get over it, I’m sure. Or maybe it was just too early in the day.

Preparation was focused on efficiency. Quick pour, doing a few things on the side, get the cup out quickly. The tools were there, but I don’t think scale or timer were actually used.

The coffee was ok with a light almond note, and it kept me awake, too. But it wasn’t spectacular.

Bluebottle obviously has countless outlets around the world by now, which reduces the appeal a little and unfortunately it is nothing really special; but it is still a better option than Le Pain Quotidien or others, for sure.

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