Stumptown Greenwich Village – machine pour-over, pretty ok

Another coffee chain that has made its way over to New York from the West coast: Stumptown Coffee.

Google maps:

Even though (or maybe because) it was a rainy day, the place was packed. But most people come for cold brew or other things; we were seemingly a surprise, asking for pour-over.

There are no signs or menus with available beans, but upon asking for fruity Ethiopian, I got a Yes.

The whole process is no hand-drip, but would qualify as pour-over, because a machine is doing the work while the human is only watching. The human did soak the filter and weigh the beans, though.

Process can’t really go wrong, unless somebody had mis-programmed the machine. And based on the really tasty cup that doesn’t seem to be the case.

All in all very nice, even though I prefer human touch – but the coffee was really good.

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