Myungga Coffee Danyang – for a lack of alternatives

Danyang (단양), a popular destination coming from Seoul, has a decent amount of coffee shops to satisfy the caffeine lust of the travelers, and locals too I assume. Pour-over is a different animal though, and it was not that easy to find a place.

But right by the riverside and equipped with a nice terrace sits Myungga Coffee.

Naver maps link: 커피명가 단양점

Google maps:

The cafe is nicely designed, and during warm days the open, airy layout is very enjoyable.

During our visit, they had 6 different beans to choose from, and all at fairly high prices:

The entire process of actually getting the coffee into the cup was unfortunately very far away from high standards.

Brown paper filter without rinsing. Beans without a scale. Water pouring without timer or scale. Except a half minute of initial blooming, the grind didn’t have much time to react with the water in a meaningful way since all the water came in far too quickly.

All in all nothing spectacular (except the prices), but then again there are not many alternatives so it may still be worthwhile checking it out.

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