Everyman Espresso New York – excellent pour-over, why even try espresso

Right on the edge between Tribeca and Soho we stumbled into a cafe where we didn’t really expect much pour-over, but would be in for a big surprise: Everyman Espresso. Also, it’s part of a chain – but we gave it a try.

Google maps:

The place is simple, yet comfortable, but apart from a few baked basics is purely focused on coffee – and not only espresso as the name would suggest:

We visited a few times, and every time the pour-over preparation was outstanding in terms of process and precision. A scale is their best friend, all components including filters were rinsed, and the Chemex was very closely watched at all times, leading to a nice 4 minute pour.

The result were a few really great, super lemon rich cups of Ethiopian hand-drip coffee.

Definitely recommended to stop by, don’t be stopped by the ‘espresso’ in the name.

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