Bibble and Sip New York – go for the dessert, not for coffee

While in New York, we used the time to stop by Bibble and Sip; they are more an instagram-focused bakery than anything else, but also offer pour-over coffee.

Google maps:

The store was crowded and people are generally very excited about matcha-based pastries. For hand-drip coffee, at the time they only had one Guatemalan bean on offer.

Preparation was below a real coffee place. The beans were measured, but filters were not rinsed and not all components were warmed up. Most of all the infusion times were extremely long (somewhere between 6 and 7 minutes). Same for different baristas and different cups.. Maybe because the baristas do too many things at a time.

The result was a bitter cup of coffee with some sort of chocolate flavor – nothing special, definitely over-infused. If I want matcha I may come back here, otherwise it’s unlikely.

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