유동커피 Jeju – hyped up, and delivering on it

Very hyped up and right in the center of Seogwipo on the southern coast of Jeju we went to check out 유동커피. They don’t have a non-Korean name, but we hope that can change…

Google maps:

Naver maps link: 유동커피 제주

The prominent owner was not around, but we still found our way to the counter where the available beans were laid out:

We chose a very reasonably priced COE contestant (#17 in 2016) from Brazil. Preparation was living up to expectations. All parts rinsed multiple times, meticulous pouring and even refinement of final composition based on a few rounds of tasting.

We really liked the deep, strong flavor with a final bit of peach. As usual, patience pays off, and waiting for the brew to cool down really brought out the fruity side.

Overall we can recommend the place highly and would definitely come by again – once we are ‘done’ with many other cafes on Jeju.

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