Record Issue – Go local, and have some coffee!

Update January 2018: the cafe is out of business, badly replaced by a convenience store ㅠㅠ Following the original review from September 2017: On a stroll after getting coffee at Berkeley Social, we came by this vinyl store and didn’t really expect to see coffee there at all, much less pour-over, but there it was. And we returned: Record Issue in Itaewon. Google maps: Naver maps link: 레코드이슈 To make it clear, the store is selling coffee and drinks on the side – they’re actually into LPs / vinyls. So things are expected to be a bit more low key coffee-wise. The menu was hand-drip or no hand-drip, both can be combined with ice (and the beans are reportedly Ethiopian). Preparation can best be described as cute. Components were rinsed, except the brown paper filter. There was not a lot of measuring going on, but a lot of enthusiasm which is always good. The real struggle began with the ice – first there wasn’t enough, then too much, then the cups were too small. All of a sudden there were three full cups. There are probably only very few people that ever order hand-drip there but that shouldn’t stop you. And also you can sample music while doing that – not a bad way to spend some time! The barista is friendly and a bit overwhelmed, but it’s always nice to see small, different shops like this – and to support them.

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