Roastache – more than just strong shirt game

A short walk from the Mosque in Itaewon, there are plenty of small bars and cafes popping up, one of them also does pour-over: Roastache.

Google maps:

Naver maps link: ROASTACHE

The place is small and friendly, with a few chairs out on the street to see other explorers come by.

Options for pour-over during our visit were beans from Colombia, Ethiopia and Brazil.

The place has a certain flair, because they use fairly old school grinders and tools. All components were carefully rinsed before the pour began, including the paper filter.

The process was a bit mixed, with beans being weight, but no scale (and I could not spot a timer) for the pour itself. Pouring technique was very solid, with a lot of attention and precision.

The resulting cup (Ethiopian beans), was a rich, chocolate flavor that I really enjoyed. Definitely worth stopping by!

And the shirt game was worth noting, too – just saying.

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