Family Room Cafe Maldives – Innovators in paradise

On our quest to also increasingly cover pour-over coffee destinations around the world, here comes our most exotic one so far (and probably for a while): Family Room Cafe in the Maldives (Hulhumale).

Google maps:

We had pretty much expected a Nescafe diet for the duration of the holidays, but then this happened:

Going through blogs and reviews Family Room jumped out. We couldn’t really believe that somebody had started to bring single origins to the Maldives (an area where Nescafe had indeed been the gold standard for the longest time).

The cafe location is stunning. It’s right on the beach side road, a few palm trees away from the blue waters.

They roast their beans on site and have a decent selection, too. For tools, all is possible. V60, Chemex or Aeropress – everything goes.

The preparation was so by the books. It is beyond most places we have seen, at least on par if not better than at benchmark places like Devastate. Precise measuring all the way (based on precisely calculated brew ratios), and a lot of attention to detail. Needless to say that components were rinsed beforehand.

The Aricha washed that was prepared was one of the tastiest cups of coffee in a long time. An odd place for this to happen. But it reminded us important precision really is. Take advantage of all the great things a bean can give! We would recommend every coffee lover that stops over on the island to make a detour to this beach!

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