Coffee Cultures San Francisco – central, decent alternative

In downtown San Francisco, there is no shortage in coffee shops. Apart from some of the big names like Blue Bottle, there are also some smaller places. Today up for a visit: Coffee Culture.

Google maps:

Granted, I stopped by just after lunch time, so the place was very busy. Even asking for a pour-over, created some concern, since it takes time. At time of visit, two different coffees were available: one blend and one single origin:

Despite hectic in store, all components were rinsed and scale and timer was used. What started strong, didn’t continue all by the books. I guess it became a bit too busy, so the pour took very long and the barista also had to take care of other things – not ideal.

But the overall product was fine. Actually, it was a surprisingly light coffee, considering almost 5 minutes of brew time total. The single origin did have a nice, light acidity and a light peach note.

Coffee Culture San Francisco is worth a stop-over, especially if you want to branch out from established coffee giants a little bit. But make sure you come at a quieter time.

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