For Five Coffee NY – friendly and dedicated, unless busy

On a jetlagged weekend morning in New York, after a failed attempt during the week, I tried my luck again at For Five Coffee – close by the Rockefeller Center.

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During the week I tried to get a pour-over but they didn’t have enough people. Saturday morning was different – it was fairly empty.

The coffee menu is short, and one of the 2 baristas didn’t really know anything about the coffees. But when the other one stepped in, things were looking better.

He explained different coffees, and most importantly his pour-over process was on point. Timer, scale in check and a very slow, targeted pour. It got busy and there were clearly not enough people to handle the store, but my pour-over still came out great.

The taste was very balanced, a little light, but with a nice plum note.

At For Five Coffee things are done right – if you get there at the right time and meet the right people.

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