Terarosa Hannam – consistent franchise, sadly

The newest member of the big Terarosa franchise family opened recently in Hannam / Itaewon and we went to check it out. We had already visited the branch in 광화문점 and also the original one on the East coast, but this is a clear push for something more modern.

Naver maps link: 테라로사 한남점

Google maps:

The branch is located right by the Cheil building near the main street in Itaewon. It stretches over two floors with plenty of seats.

The design is beautiful. In the first floor, dark colors and a shiny golden bar dominate. On one of the sides dozens of coffee bean bags are stacked, up to the 2nd floor.

Upstairs there are plenty of tables and it is very clear, that there was no shortage of money when outfitting this place.

The coffee menu is as extensive as usual at all Terarosa branches we have visited:

The preparation unfortunately was as lackluster as in all the other branches, too. Components were rinsed, but the brown paper filter was not. There was no scale or timer at work during the pour. In 1.5 minutes all was done. It seemed that the only goal was to get the cup full as quickly as possible.

To us, it us unclear if this was a bad day for the barista or if Terarosa does not need to care more. Very unfortunate, as I think the quality of beans is great and the places are stunning. I wish they would focus more on the preparation, too. Not only here, but across branches.

The result was an ok cup. There was indeed a nice bit of black current in the Ehtiopian Guji. As said, the franchise has huge potential – but it is still a few steps away from the pours of much smaller, top players in the area like r.about or Peer Coffee.

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