Joe Pro Shop New York – friendly professionals

Joe Coffee has a few locations all over New York, and generally chains are a bit too chainy. But one location is a bit more interesting, offering also tastings, classes and selling equipment: Joe Pro Shop.

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The cafe area itself is small and only has 3 bar stools to sit on – but in New York nobody has time to sit down anyways.

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During our visit, only 2 coffee beans were available:

Preparation of the pour-over was excellent. Everything was rinsed prior, and the pour was super slow and focused. Despite some hectic, the barista made sure it was done right.

The barista promised a surprising melon flavor (Kibingo from Burundi), and even for a not so trained person like me it was easily noticeable.

Besides all over good prep and coffee, people in the shop were really friendly – definitely worth stopping by. And maybe you get lucky, and also secure one of the rare stools to sit on.

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