Kona Coffee Purveyors Hawaii – fantastic from day zero

Just before leaving Oahu, we went to stop by one of the more instafamous places in Honolulu: Kona Coffee Purveyors.

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At first, things didn’t look so great. The baked goods looked amazing, and as we later found out that’s also because they are produced in partnership with b. patisserie – the baked good heavyweight from San Francisco. But coffee-wise, it seemed like no pour-over would be available.

Fortunately we started chatting with Derryl, who explained to us that a new specialty coffee section including pour-overs would be opened soon: the next day πŸ™

But he offered immediately to just make us one anyways and totally made our day.

Things got even more interesting as we ran into Jackie and her husband Raymond (founder of Honolulu Coffee Company back in 1991) who own the place and were super friendly despite being hours away from opening the store’s extension.

The pour-over itself was as well prepared as you could expect. Components rinsed, more than carefully used scale and timer. The fact that the barista through out the first cup he made because he didn’t like it, tells us that there’s a very different level of caring from so many other cafes we have visited while in Hawaii.

The end product was a tasty combination of chocolate and orange notes and we really enjoyed – adding the tasty b.patisserie products to that really made for an outstanding visit.

Hopefully needless to say, but we didn’t get asked to or paid for or even received a discount for writing any of the above. It was just good.

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