Kwonnongdong Coffee – average, needs a change of message

A new place, near some of the major palaces and parks in Northern Seoul – we had to check it out: 권농동커피플레이스 (Kwonnongdong). The place doesn’t have an English name or even foreigner-friendly letters – very odd. Especially in this area that is full of tourists.

Naver maps link: 권농동커피

Google maps:

Even though the door clearly signals (in English only!) to not ask for directions, we went in to at least ask for a coffee.

The place is brand new, only opened months ago. The location is great, the setup is bright and modern, with a modern art bit on the walls.

The coffee menu has some single origin beans as well as blends; we didn’t explore what the plus version was – but for the price it better be outstanding.

The preparation of our Yirgacheffe was average overall. Brown paper filter and components were rinsed – a promising start. But no timer or scale anywhere – not so great on precision.

The result was a slightly over infused cup, but the chocolate cookie was tasty. Please, get rid of that sign on the door – or at the very least don’t only have it in English. You are sending all the wrong signals.

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