Mark Lane Cafe – skilled, and branching out a bit far

During a morning stroll through Apgujeong, we bumped into a new place (at least new to us), very near to other (over-rated) big names like Manufact: Mark Lane Cafe.

Naver maps link: 마크레인커피

Google maps:

The cafe stretches over 2 floors and has as much space as you would expect from a cafe in this area: a ton of space.

The coffee menu is pretty comprehensive, and the biggest surprise was the ‘Pour-over Einspanner’ – what an odd combination; we passed. Instead stayed classy and ordered a ‘normal’ pour-over.

Preparation was perfect. Individual components and filter were rinsed with hot water, beans and water scaled, and the pour was timed and slowly done. Really no reason to doubt that the manager (or owner) knows what needs to be done.

All in all a really nice place, and we hope they are able to keep these standards up even if all seats are filled. And maybe one day we need to try that Einspanner creation, too.

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