Bellden Cafe Bellevue – experimenting for the greater good

Another small cafe in Bellevue, Washington, and we took another chance to explore the pour-over game in the area: Bellden Cafe.

Google maps:

The mix of different roasters and coffees was quite colorful, but many baristas just enjoy experimenting around also. The potential risk is to never fully dial in on a coffee, too.

Tool of choice was a Chemex, while some other drippers were also nearby, and probably used for other coffees. We ordered the Honduran from Costa.

Something must have gone wrong with the first pour, as the barista threw out the full pour – much appreciated, as in many places the customer would just get whatever was brewed. After that, things went well it seems.

Except the filter that was not rinsed prior to brewing, all else was very precise and orderly, including timing and weighing of beans and water.

All in all a nice little cafe, seemingly experimenting around, but dedicated to make sure at the end of it all the customers has a good cup in hand – it feels right.

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