The Holy Cross Brewing Society Frankfurt – German precision, no surprises

Another short stop in Frankfurt, another chance to check in with the slowly growing specialty coffee scene. This time: The Holy Cross Brewing Society (love the name already!).

Google maps:

Frankfurt is not exactly coffee central. There are less than 5 places that offer real pour-over; but it has to start somewhere.

The cafe is right downtown and near the Main river, very easy to reach. Plenty of space, including outside benches and all.

Preparation was – and I guess Germans would naturally be good at this – very precise. All was rinsed to make sure temperatures are right and paper taste is washed out of the filter. Scales and timers were used to brew the coffee. No distraction or other drink-making throughout the pour.

The result was an excellent cup. Not sure, which coffee we actually chose, but we do remember a rooty flavor and a lot of raspberry.

Way to go, Holy Cross people – happy to come back as soon as we can.

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