Third Rail Coffee East Village – another lonely Chemex

Strolling through New York’s East Village, we tried the second outlet of Third Rail Coffee.

Google maps:

The colorful menu on the wall sounded very promising and we chose the Idido, which – like all pour-overs here – is brewed on a Chemex.

The start was solid: All components were rinsed to make sure they’re at a good temperature, beans were in pre-weighed packages to ensure equal weight. The pour was slow and typical for Chemex. But then, it almost felt like they forgot about the coffee for a while. It stood on the counter dripping for close to 5 minutes. In the meanwhile many coffees were prepared.

The cup was still fairly decent, but the hoped-for melon note was hard to taste, as there was definitely some over-infusion going on. To be fair, this was great for overall volume and still a very good cup.

Overall, same as in their other store. It seems that leaving a Chemex drip for a super long time is a thing – but we are not sure why…

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