Fika House Kafé Bellevue – pickle jar vs. coffee

Tucked into one of many office buildings in downtown Bellevue, Washington, is Fika House Kafé. Using the Swedish word Fika, which means quite literally a place to have coffee.

Google maps:

We were probably the first customers early in the morning and everything was still moving at a ‘wake up pace’, but was ready to go.

Preparation of the pour-over coffee looked a bit odd from afar but was all by the books. The barista used a huge jar (probably equally well suited to store a few pounds of pickles) as a ‘carafe’, but that was the end of odd.

All parts were rinsed, the mega jug kept on a scale and used together with a timer – all things kept in check at all times.

The result was an extremely tasty, heavily acidic cup of Ethiopian Gotiti. All in all, things took a lot of time (order to sip >10 minutes without any other customers) but that’s ok thing if the final cup is that great.

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