Lusso Lab Jeong-dong – Brewing happiness in the North

Only a few minutes away from Seoul City Hall and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (the latter definitely worth a visit!), we visited Lusso Lab in Jeong-dong (정동).

Naver maps link: 루소랩 정동

Google maps:

The neighborhood is beautiful for a stroll, with the streets lined with trees and wide walk ways – accompanied by many embassy buildings; definitely not a poor neighborhood.

Lusso Lab occupies 2 large floors in a beautiful red brick building. The coffee bar downstairs, with plenty seating around and large windows to allow a peek outside. Upstairs, a XXL seating area, divided into multiple zones.

For pour-over coffee, there were plenty of options to choose from:

Preparation was spotless. Carafe, dripper and filter were rinsed with hot water to ensure stable brewing temperatures.

The coffee even came with a little sheet detailing the brewing instructions – and they had all been followed meticulously prior. The cup of Kenyan Handege AA Top was truly top notch fruity, lemon grapefruity.

We would definitely recommend a trip to the area and to visit Lusso Lab. And the overly refreshing and tasty Patbingsu definitely played a role here, too.

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