aperson coffee roasters – slick design in Itaewon back alleys

When we first stumbled upon this design gem in the back alleys of Itaewon, it was still under construction. But a few weeks ago they finally opened: aperson coffee roasters.

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The cafe is thoughtfully designed. Minimalist, no clutter anywhere – not even on the compact menu. Smooth surfaces and high-quality finishes all around. Down to the sound system and beautiful display of the roasting equipment.

Favorite piece: the beautiful white ceramic Japanese cups. A weird silky feel and plain beautiful.

The owner barista learned his craft in Italy and hence most of the roasts – all of which are done on site – are on the darker, espresso-ish side by design. He has worked for and consulted many big names in the Seoul coffee game, so it seemed to have been a question of time until he opened his own store.

At our visit, 4 beans were available, 2 of them for pour-over coffee, the other 2 for espresso only.

Preparation was thorough. There was no scale, but all components were heated / rinsed. The quick 2.5 minute pour yielded a surprisingly punchy, dark apricot flavored brew. Clearly the heavy roasting can be tasted even in a normal-length pour.

We really love the space and hope that many people will find their way up there when wandering between Itaewon and Kyungridan. We will be back for sure.

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