Santa Canela Malaga – forerunner in the South

First stop in Spain: Malaga on the Southern coast. And what better way to combat jetlag than a good dosis of caffeine. And here comes Santa Canela.

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Specialty coffee seems to be arriving only very, very slowly in Spain. We hope to discover a few places and guide you to them!

At Santa Canela, coffee is taken very seriously, along with an exciting amount of snacks (try the crepes!). A good amount of different beans were available.

Components were all rinsed to ensure a clean taste and most of all consistent brewing temperature. Scale and timer were used, but not super closely watched.

During the pour, another cafe latte was prepared and the dripping continued solo for a while totaling to about 4 minutes.

Presentation of the single serve chemex was cute and even though the coffee tasted a little over-infused, together with the very punchy lemon cake it made for a good combination.

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