Torch Coffee Roasters Sevilla – it’s a nice location

With a little search effort, we were able to locate a specialty coffee place in Sevilla, Spain, too: Torch Coffee.

Google maps:

They definitely have a highly confusing Instagram presence across 3 accounts and have (for days) not responded to any messages on any of them. But their location nearby the cathedral makes for an easy stop-over. They also claim that ‘all of Asia is talking about them’ – now that is real news.

Options for hand-drip coffee were either Ethiopia or El Salvador, both roasted in house (we suspect).

Chemex was the tool of choice and most of the brewing process was in order. But whereas all components were rinsed and a scale supported the efforts, the brew was definitely too long. 5 minutes for a single serve chemex led to a pretty over-infused mix.

It is possible that this is more in line with Spanish taste though, as coffees generally are a bit more bitter – similar to what we had experienced in Italy. Once the cup had significantly cooled down, floral notes were there. That delay may also be due to the pure amateur noses of ours.

Overall, a nice place to escape to from the summer sun and a decent caffeine source in central Seville.

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