La Finca Coffee Granada – refuel for the Alhambra and beyond

In Granada, a little away from the South coast of Spain, a few more options exist on the quest for pour-over coffee. First stop: La Finca Coffee.

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Located just a few minutes from Granada’s cathedral, La Finca Coffee is tucked away in one of the small alleys that are so typical for this beautiful city. This is a good opportunity to fuel up on caffeine before starting a full day of sightseeing.

The cafe is small and one man handles it all – but with friendliness all along. The only available bean for hand-drip coffee was from Costa Rica.

Also here, probably only a small number of customers request the V60. But despite it taking a bit longer than espresso based drinks, the barista was totally happy to prepare it.

The lead-up to the brew was by the book. Dripper and filter were rinsed, scales and timers kept busy. The pour finished right on the 3 minute mark and all was good.

The result was a pretty sour cup, with a bit of citrus notes and an almost cotton-like finish. Very tasty!

As a side note, we can definitely recommend the banana bread – great fuel for a full day of sightseeing in and around the Alhambra.

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