La tienda de los Unicornios Granada – special specialty coffee

Second stop in Granada after La Finca Coffee: La Tienda de los Unicornios (the unicorn store – what a name!).

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The cafe seems to have opened only recently and the love for unicorns runs deep – there are plenty of them all around.

The staff was super helpful and nice, and patiently explained the difference between their washed and natural process Erhiopian beans. That is how to get people closer to specialty coffee!

The coffee preparation was also very detail-oriented. All components were rinsed to make sure no left-over taste is there and to ensure stable brewing temperature. They use a hand-grinder for the beans, which probably at some point should be upgraded, but it does the trick for now.

Scale and timer were always checked to make sure all ratios are kept. Only at the end a little confusion, as more water was added to the carafe directly to hit the target amount.

The coffee was really tasty, but probably would not have needed that last bit of water to keep a stronger basis. Despite that, we were really excited about everything that was going on and hope many people will find their way here in the years to come.

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