Sakona Coffee San Sebastian – machine-brew only

The Basque Country is widely known for being an epicenter of culinary innovation. San Sebastian’s restaurants boast plenty of Michelin stars. But there are also a few places to enjoy specialty coffee.

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Our first stop on this trip: Sakona Coffee Roasters. As they roast their own beans, they have plenty to choose from. Beans from Rwanda, Tanzania, etc.:

Unfortunately, that’s where our excitement took a break. All the brewing is done by machines. We understand that they actually provide a decent end product and are obviously more consistent than any human.

Still, we prefer the human touch. And with it the conversation and connecting over a shared passion. Also did not happen here.

But the coffee was ok. We tried their Mangwilda Idunda AA from Tanzania. It was almost like a peppermint tea, that’s how strong it delivered on the promise of being ‘herbal’. A decent cup, but nothing too special. Maybe our amateur noses do not get it all – fair chance.

Their brunch options seemed interesting, but we had other plans so did not have a chance to try.

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