Old TV Cafe Hongcheon – things are getting weird

Explorations never end. In Korea, there is always something new. On a recent short trip East, we stopped by Old TV Cafe – a perfectly random place not far away from Hongcheon and Chuncheon.

Naver maps link: Gallery Cafe Old Tv커피

Google maps:

It is really hard to pick a start for an adequate description. The cafe is next to a gas station, right by a major street, and seems to have grown into its surrounding. It doesn’t even seem odd that you enter by crossing a little bridge over a pond. It is also clear who is currently winning in the battle of nature vs. construction.

On the inside, there is such an incredible amount of ‘stuff’. Absolutely everything. And much of it is even for sale. What is this place?

Much less surprising then that they also roast their own beans in the middle of the cafe.

The coffee menu is long, but none of the beans were actually available. Only a recently roasted Colombian bean was ready to be brewed.

The preparation was loving, but not very precise – no timer or scale, but it was a slow 3 minute pour.

The result was a coffee that woke us up, but didn’t have a huge taste surprise. That still means you have to visit this place. Not only for perfectly tasty waffles, but just for the whole ‘experience’ of it all. And please let us know what you thought!

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