Benjamin Coffee Lisbon – a new cornerstone of local coffee

If you are up for some serious back alley exploration, we found just the spot in Lisbon, Portugal: Benjamin Coffee.

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Driving is not easy to begin with in the small alleys of Lisbon, so it may be easier to walk to this place – but it will be worth the hike.

Located on a wide open corner with a lot, Benjamin Coffee is inviting and friendly at first sight. The doors here only opened a few months ago but the place was really busy when we visited on a random Tuesday morning in September.

It was super busy and when we visited the owner had to handle most of the customers alone; only later some help arrived – but it could be worse than waiting outside in this charming neighborhood.

As for beans for pour-over coffee, they only had Brazilian beans available. Benjamin said he wanted to introduce coffee from his home to the people here – a man on a mission.

Preparation was very good, especially considering the hectic in the shop otherwise. Dripper and filter got a good rinse to get rid of residual taste, scale and timer were kept busy to make sure the brew is accurate.

The result was a cup that had notes of black tea, hazelnuts and a bit of barley.

Overall, we can easily recommend to stop by and try this place. And surely the coffee selection will branch out a little sooner or later, too.

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