Old Town Coffee San Sebastian – living up to the reputation

A cafe that had been recommended multiple times to us for San Sebastian, Basque Country: Old Town Coffee.

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Beans here are sourced from Nomad in Barcelona, but Berlin’s The Barn had also placed a bag or two. When we visited, we had the option between Guatemala and Ehtiopia (Kochere), and went with the latter.

For brewing, we could choose between V60, Kalita and Aeropress. The barista quickly recommended V60 for the Kochere, though.

Preparation was spotless. Components were rinsed, including the paper filter (to avoid paper taste later). Scale and timer were not only present but also closely monitored.

The result was an outstanding cup of coffee. This must have been the most juicy grape flavor we have tasted in a long time.

The pastries looked nice, but in San Sebastian stomach space needs to be carefully allocated – we had to pass. But for the coffee, we would highly recommend you stop by!

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