Optimistic Cafe NY – make it a thing

In Manhattan there is surely no shortage of places to have specialty coffee. Great for us – more to discover! This time: Optimistic Cafe.

Google maps:

The place is small and pour-over coffee was not even on the menu. But the barista still offered to make some for us – with beans from La Colombe (technically ‘from’ Kenya).

Even though nobody seems to order hand-drip coffee here on the regular – at least not officially – the process was top.

The barista paid a lot of attention to details and was closely watching scale and timer throughout.

Even though the result may not have been a favorite of ours (too dark chocolate taste, but that is pure personal preference), in combination with a strong avocado toast it made for a tasty breakfast!

We can easily recommend this place and maybe pour-over coffee makes it way back to the regular menu, too.

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