Fábrica Coffee Roasters Porto – not stopping in the capital

Specialty coffee is not only making progress in Lisbon, the capital of Portgual – also Porto is getting more and more attention. One of the forces behind this: Fábrica Coffee Roasters.

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When we visited in late September 2018 the place had been open only for a short while. It was the first outlet by Fábrica in this city, whereas they already had a few in Lisbin. The cafe extends deep into the building and ends with a small outside area.

Plenty of space, simple design and materials, but the result is quite beautiful. It could be anywhere in the world – which is bad and good at the same time.

All coffees are roasted in-house (not actually on-site though) and there is a rotating selection of different beans available.

For preparation we could choose between Aerorpress and V60, and went for the latter. The process was as it should be: all components were rinsed with hot water and the pour came in right at the 3 minute mark.

The result were two great cups: the Ethiopian as well as the Burundi cup were really crisp. Especially the one from Burundi had the rhubarb notes as promised.

Overall a good spot to caffeine up and relax a little, and if you feel like some banana bread then they can help out, too!

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