FourB Basic – glass, light and good coffee

As always, competition in Seoul is fierce so cafes really need to make a statement in order to make a difference. Entering: FourB.

We visited their store in Hapjeong, but they have 2 others, too: Gwanghamun and Hoegi.

Naver maps link: 포비 베이직 서울 마포구 양화로3길 66

Google maps:

We are not entirely clear what drives somebody to open a cafe like this, but it seems to work pretty well. At first look, it is a modern mix of concrete, glass and plain surfaces.

Looking more closely, you can see how they beautifully integrated open air spaces and plants. And even later, there is an old residential building that is just seamlessly integrated into this complex. Quite an achievement and truly beautiful to look at.

The coffee bar is busy on this sunny late fall weekend and the options for pour-over coffee are Guatemala and Burundi.

Preparation is as it should be. Drippers and filters are rinsed, scales and timers used properly. And all that even though the barista is making 3 pour-overs at a time.

The result was a pretty clear cup, maybe a little light, but with a decent amount of floral notes nevertheless.

Almost needless to say we recommend you to check this place out!

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