Kaffeekirsche Berlin – communal happiness

As Berlin is becoming more and more used to the idea of good coffee, the options seem to multiply between the times we visit. This time, we went to check out Kaffeekirsche – the coffee cherry.

Google maps:

Located nearby Bonanza, this cafe gives a very different vibe, though. It is a small, somehow nordic cool appearing space. Large communal tables and nothing fancy about it.

Preparation of pour-over coffee was overall by the books. Components were rinsed to get rid of residual taste, a scale and timer were always around. Unfortunately, much of the brewing happened a bit in hiding. We are very spoilt by how everything in Korea is optimized for photos – Germany is a bit more shy, for now.

The result was a very juicy, lightly citrus tasting cup of coffee (a blend of Brazilian and Ethiopian beans).

Stop by if you’re around, and prices are very affordable, too – always a bonus!

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