BKG Coffee Brooklyn – get away from the crowds

A short subway ride away from mid town Manhattan, we ventured to visit a true gem in Brooklyn: BKG Coffee Roasters just South of Wlliamsburg.

Google maps:

The area is perfect for exploring, and fortunately has a very different vibe from Williamsburg – not many Zara stores or Peter Luger’s in sight.

The cafe is relatively small at first sight but actually has quite a few seats in the back. When we stopped by, most tables were taken by laptops and some people that come with. Not ideal, but as long as they have plenty coffee it makes sense.

BKG roasts their own beans, hence the name, probably. The pour-over preparation was very proper.

Beans were almost counted individually, that’s how precise the weighing effort was. Cups, dripper and filter were rinsed very thoroughly to ensure a clean setup and stable brewing temperatures.

The staff was super friendly – or maybe just happy that somebody wanted to chat, and not only attend to their laptop.

The result of it all was an excitingly deep cup, rich in dark plum notes.

We would definitely stop by again. If you find yourself in Manhattan and think this is too far – think again!

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