Daechungpark Seochon – stunning star in the North

Now, this is a place where somebody was very serious about making it big: 인왕산 대충유원지 서촌점 in Northern Seoul.

Naver maps link: 인왕산 대충유원지
서울 종로구 필운대로 46 4층

Google maps:

A huge – but clean and pretty – block of concrete of a house provides the frame for the cafe. And it is located nearby the palaces, easy to reach.

The prime spots are probably by the bar, and there is only a hand full. But there are also plenty of seats in a side room, as well as outside on the terrace.

Visually, this is one of the most beautiful setups we have visited.

When we visited in June 2019 there were beans from Indonesia and Honduras available, all brewed on Kalita. Their Lattes are prepared with a little gas burner – maybe a bit over the top on the gimmick-scale.

In terms of pour-over preparation they are deeply serious. No doubt, the baristas care, as they pump out one pour-over after another with constant precision. Filters and components thoroughly rinsed, timed and careful pours of water, scales in check.

We would describe both cups we had as slightly more ‘advanced’, as they were both heavy in soil notes and fairly sour.

The overall impression is great and we can easily recommend this place. A beautiful setup combined with serious coffee game.

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