Momos Coffee Busan – worthy of the Champ

We have been anticipating our visit to this special place for a while. After her victory at the World Barista Championship 2019, the coffee world is now well-aware of Jeon Jooyeon. And so it is time to visit the cafe she has worked and trained at for years: Momos Coffee in Busan.

Naver maps link: 모모스커피 부산 금정구 오시게로 20

Google maps:

The place is plain beautiful. It has grown from just occupying the garage of a dog meat restaurant a long time ago, to now a full complex.

Bamboo is nicely framing the entrance and there are many different seating areas to enjoy.

Of course, there are plenty of coffee options:

The pour-over coffee preparation was – not surprisingly- spotless. The barista team is not only friendly, they also know exactly what is needed. We had multiple coffees from multiple baristas and they were all super consistent.

The Kalita Wave was rinsed with a full glass of hot water, no chance for residual taste and plenty heating up before the brew.

Scales, timers and a big amount of attention to detail was there. The result were a few fantastic cups of coffee.

The pour-overs, especially the Rwandan one, was nicely sour, with a good bit of raisins and white chocolate.

Also, the flat white, the cookies and pretty much all else we tried were outstanding.

We will surely be back, this place makes a trip to Busan even more worthwhile.

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