Up.side coffee – sunny corner sips

There is always something new in Seoul, wherever you go. Strolling through the hills of Haebangchon (HBC / 해방촌) we stumbled upon a small cafe worth a visit: up.side coffee.

Naver maps link: 업사이드커피 서울 용산구 신흥로5길 70

Google maps:

The shop is located on a sunny corner, easy to reach within minutes from the main streets in HBC.

When we visited, they had only one bean available, but the preparation was really up to all standards.

All filters and components were rinsed, to clean and heat them up.

The pour itself was really slow and dedicated – no distractions. This is how it should be.

Overall, definitely worth a visit – and the small hike makes it even easier to justify some extra cake or cookies.

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