Papa et Fille – Yangpyeong summer escape

As the summer months in Seoul are almost unbearably hot and humid, we went for a drive out East. On the way along the Han river, near Paldang, we stopped by a cafe that recently opened: Papa et Fille.

Naver maps link: 빠빠에피
경기 양평군 옥천면 남한강변길 209

Google maps:

The cafe is located very close by the river, and thanks to the XXL window front you will get a lot of light and a view of river and greens. Refreshing change to the concrete in Seoul.

The space is brand new, beautifully furnished and feels like a living room. Definitely easy to hang out for a while – and A/C is definitely ready for summer, too.

Out of the available beans we picked the Ethiopia Koke. Preparation was largely good. Dripper and filter were rinsed before brewing to make sure they are clean and warmed up.

The barista was using a timer, but there was no scale anywhere. Brews may become slightly inconsistent. But experience can, of course, compensate for some of that.

The result was a nice clean cup of coffee. Clear citrus fruit notes, with a super slight acidity. Overall the brew was a little light or ‘thin’ – but that is personal preference.

Overall we can recommend taking this little trip to escape the concrete, no matter what season.

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